Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn more about Swap Co-Op?
In addition to reading the FAQ's, you can visit the "Take a Tour" section of the site, to get a good overview of what Swap Co-Op has to offer. Furthermore, you are welcome to log in as Joe Average, to get a hands on feel for how the site works. Search by different categories on the My Buddies' Stuff tab, check out what Joe has loaned out on the My Swaps tab, add a new item to Joe's My Stuff Tab, and view Joe's buddies on the My Buddies tab, and more. Feel free to log in as Joe Average with as the login ID and use swapcoop for his password. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us at
How do I invite new buddies?
There is an "Invite Your Buddies" link on the right hand side of the screen when you are logged in that will allow you to enter email addresses of your buddies (i.e., friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbors, and others from groups with which you are associated). There is also a "Find Buddies" link on the right hand side of the screen when you are logged in that will allow you to search for your buddies by first name, last name or email address, in case they are already members of Swap Co-Op. Once your buddy is a member of Swap Co-Op, your buddy can accept your invitation to join your network. Then your buddy will be able to see the items you've granted him/her access to see. And you will be able to see all of your buddies' items to which you have access. Then the swapping can begin!
How long do I get to borrow stuff?
Your buddies will set a due back date for items they are willing to loan out. Swap Co-Op gives members the flexibility to extend the due date, or move it in. Members an send email reminders when an item is due back, or get a hold of a buddy's contact information at the click of a mouse.
Can anyone see my stuff?
Only the people (your buddies) you've accepted into your network can see your stuff. You may also create groups to restrict visibility of some or all your items. Say you have a pressure washer, but you only want to loan it out to "certain" people, Swap Co-Op let's you create a group and add that item and the buddies you want to be able to see it.
My buddy hasn't returned my stuff!
When you loan out an item to one of your buddies, you can set up a due back date. Once that date has passed, the item will be marked as overdue by Swap Co-op. You can send a reminder email to your buddy via Swap Co-Op. You can check the status of items you've loaned out or borrowed on the My Swaps tab.
What's a premium membership?
A premium membership allows you to enter an unlimited number of items, where as a free membership limits you to 10 items. A premium membership also gives you the ability to print labels for items you've listed. The cost of a premium membership is $15.00 per year.